NOTD: Essence Spot On

Today I wanted to write the first circle lenses review, but instead I went for a looooong walk (and play) with my dog. It was fun, but when I got home it started raining so I couldn't take decent outdoor pictures of the lenses. And to be honest, I was tired as hell! :P

So now you know what my next review will be ;).

Anyway, yesterday I was so out of inspiration that I picked a random nail polish and applied it on my nails. 
I've had it for a month or two, but it was never used...  So ladies and gentlemen here it is...

  Essence Spot On!

The apply wasn't problematic at all. The formula is creamy and here I applied two coats. So it's a decent nail polish. The thing is that I don't really love the color.  It's classy, yes, but that's practically it. I like colors that are WILD! :P So I have no idea why I bought this one...  probably because I saw some great swatches.

It's not that bad...  I guess there will be plenty of days for it to be worn..  (work, lazy days and so on).

But anyway I decided to 'pimp it up'. And since the stamping went bad (it didn't want to pick up the color!), I covered it in Gosh Rainbow. 
The result.
(please ignore the dirty cuticles, I didn't notice it at the time being)

Oh, I don't know. Not the best combination ever but it will have to do for a couple of days. Because, YES I'm lazy :P. 

Have a great day!
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