NOTD: Black Rainbow

I have upgraded my manicure :D
I used GOSH - Rainbow over it.

It has holographic pieces in it (it is clear) that change from red to green with middle tones too..  Just gorgeous!!

What do you think?


  1. i love flakies... to bad they aren't available everywhere

  2. joj tegale rainbow-a se pa res nebi branila! men je ful všeč! <3

  3. joooj kako je lep:)
    kje si ga nabavla?

  4. Hvala punce!

    Thumby ce se ne motim ga je kupila sestra zame, ker je bil GOSH pri nas overpriced.
    Ne vem ce imajo se na cevljarski gosh (tista edina drogerija na cevljarski), drugace vem da so v leclercu imeli vcasih gosh ampak ga nimajo vec... tudi v iliriji ga menda ne drzijo vec... sploh ga ni/ne bo vec v slo.

  5. The iridescent rainbow flakies are so so so gorgeous! Did you buy your GOSH Rainbow online? If yes, can you please tell me the site because I can't find it anywhere!

  6. Coco, I'm sorry but I got it in a 'local' store. Well my sister got it for me, since it was too far away..

  7. I love it! Will have to look for this one for myself!

  8. I love he look of the flakies, but hate removing them.

  9. love it!
    i've made a swatch like this, but i still have to post it



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