New high heels!

Two days ago I got these lovely heels from my dear. :) 
I like them, and they're my first 10cm high heels! And for some reason I can actually walk in them (I'm not all that used walking in high heels).

Here is a collage of some pictures ;).

I still want a pair of lubu heels, but that will have to wait until I get a regular job. =)

I hope you're enjoying your Sunday!


  1. Deichmann hehe. Tile so super udobni, sem jih hotla kupit za maturantski ples, pa sem potem ene druge vzela. Lepi. :)

  2. jagodka: jaaaa! Ma dej ki sem mu 1000x rekla da so mi vsec... pa si jih ni znal predstavljat na nogi xD! Sem sla en dan jih probala in slikala na nogah.. .P Drugi dan sem jih ze dobila xD

  3. Black heels are always very classy.

  4. jaz bi take v nude varijanti:P
    sam zara in topshop imajo kr krepko nabite cene:/

  5. Kasia_B: That is so true!

    Thumby11: Sem videla... sem jih zagledala v topshopu in mi niso bili vsec, ker so izgledali kot tank.. so mi pa sicer pumps vcer v nude barvi ja...


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