Low maintenance nails!

S-he 427 is my nail polish for when I feel lazy and I need a polish that dries fast and stays chipless for at lest 3 days. 
And an important propriety is that it has a great texture and it's easy to apply. AND little mistakes aren't very visible.

It looks really classy! Nothing special in the shadow...  But in the sun it looks FANTASTIC!

I usually put a lot of time into making my nails look pretty and decent looking. But there is a period of time when I don't feel like going through all that hassle, but I still want my manicure to look polishes and clean.
And since I don't like the sight of my bare nails (especially when they're peeling in layers!), I had to find a low maintenance nail polish.

I absolutely love it. And the best thing about it? It's holographic! 
I have another two holographic nail polishes from Nfu Oh, that absolutely suck. They do dry fast, but they also chip in a day or so.
I do lots of stuff with my hands, and the rough part is typing on the keyboard. But Nfu Oh it seems, can't survive it! 

Girls (and maybe some guys), what is your low maintenance nail polish?

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