Broken cap

I am very very clumsy...  and I admit that. Here and there, something quite important breaks or gets defective because of my clumsiness.

(image found via google)

And yesterday it was the time of Garnier Essentials Fresh toner. I was at my boyfriends place and it fell out of my hands right on the parquet. YAY! *sarcasm*
The cap broke , and I was quick enough that none of the liquid got spilled.

It made me sad, since I just opened that toner...
I had to put it in another bottle, because I didn't want to throw away a still good product, just because of a 'misfunction' of the cap.

I took a water bottle and poured it in. In the original container there was 200ml of product, so it only filled about 1/2 of the water bottle.

I put the information stickers on the lower side, all over the bottle because I don't want anyone to drink it! o.O

I hope it will survive long enough for me to use it!

How do you fix your broken containers that contain products that are still good or freshly open?
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