Some random items I bought.

Today I will show you what I bought in the last week. Most items were bought yesterday... and some today!

My idea was to "Accessorize!".. and get some clothes to live up my boring wardrobe.

1st day

The designs (I'm sorry for the crappy pictures, I didn't have the energy to re-take them).

2nd day

I got out of my comfort zone. I have lots of accessories, and all of them are 'cute' or classy, but most of all they are BORING! So I got some new ones... 

A beret beanie, something unusual for me

Excuse the shi**y look, I am still sick and exhausted.

A cuuute belt!! And you know what? It was 1€ only!
A vest..
But... Yay for not being THAT boring anymore!


* 3 lipscmackers
*hair protector from heat (from ironing and blow drying)
*dry shampoo

3rd day

A scarf. It's turquise and it goes to light blue..
You must know, that I love pink but this time I decided to go for something more... hmm green/blue!

A shirt... it is nice, nothing special tho. I'm not used to wear blue...

And .. sugar! I wanted sugar, but less obvious, so I got myself peanut butter and dark cocoa cream.

Well this was it..  I still need to get myself some nice flats and some shirts for the upcoming spring...
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