Some new stuff to keep you updated :)

Today it seems it was mail day! :D

I got part of my Bday present from my brother (he said give me a link for an item/s for xy €, lol which btw is a great idea), which is the new Alice in Wonderland by OPI mini collection! Woot, so shiny!
Plus these are my FIRST OPI nail polishes ever!

Blue (Absolutely Alice), Red (Thanks so Muchness!), brick color (Off with her red!) and a gorgeous color ever (Mad as a Hatter).

They come in 3,75 ml bottles, very cute and small!

The second thing is from Eyeko, their glitter lip balm from answering a survey of theirs (for Ambassadors).

The third is a thing a have to review and guess what? It is PINK!!
Tangle Teezer, I can't wait to write a proper review of this (as I read) miraculous product!

But since I didn't mention it before, I have to review Steam Cream too, and man they do have some amazing designs!

So stay tuned for some reviews, nails of the day and so on ;)



  1. Oo i just saw the steam creams in a shop here. Let me know what you think so i know if i need to get it xx

  2. Komaj čakam na tvoj review Tangle Teezerja.

  3. Tali: for me it is great for my body, and since I have two I used once one on my face. I didn't get any breakouts, but if you have sensitive skin I'd advise you to stick with it for the body use only. It feels really light weight on the skin <3.

    Nihrida: So far so good! Meni je prav vsec, kolikor sem ga danes preizkusala..


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