NOTD: China Glaze Strawberry Fields

I got this lovely lovely nail polish from the even more lovely Nihrida (Thank you dear!!), you HAVE to check her out, her blog is pure awesomness!

And it is my first CG nail polish ever...  And you know what? I am madly in love.

It is a gorgeous hot pink with golden shimmer in it, which makes it a warm toned nail polish. It is a bit runny, but because of the thin brush the apply was really easy.

Now I know that this won't be my last CG nail polish ( I have added another nail polish to my WL - Orange Marmalade ... okay the whole Summer Days collection!!).

Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to... CG Strawberry Fields!! (for the first time with more than one or two pictures!)

Do I hear you go like OOOOH?!

Neon light


Flash light!


Isn't it GORGEOUS?!
It is on my fav fav absolutely FAV list now! <3


  1. Oh, this polish is so so pretty! I want one! =D

  2. Ana Rita: Thank you! It truly is gorgeous, now I'm checking the Summer Days collection, because I want them ALL XD!!

  3. The color is adorable! And name of it fits it so well! :)

  4. I'm SO glad you like it! =) It looks great on you! And you're welcome!

  5. I love it, it's such a beautiful color! :) I've been looking for it, but haven't found it with any luck unless it's rediculously expensive >.<

  6. Strawberry Fields is so pretty and it looks fab on you. I really liked that collection. I have Raspberry Festival and it is kick ass!

  7. the pink looks great on you! I like that rich color. and yeah about Kesha, omg I can't imagine her bathroom when she washes off all the glitter :S talk about clogging up the drain haha

  8. Ohhhh!!! Thats soooo pretty nail polish color! Looks so great!!

  9. srečka da si ga dobila! Jaz bom pa morala e-bay zgleda obračat da ga dobim kr na TD ga ni :/
    Prekrasen je! <3

  10. Hi, I have this one to. Is is so nice color, I really like it. Should bring it out again myself.

  11. the colour is gorgeous. i love the gold tone it is!

  12. great polish!!
    i gae you best blog award:

  13. super lakec!!

    tudi jaz sem te dodala za best blog award! =)


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