Review: Silk Whitia Mineral Cation Whitening Mask

I tried this mask a week ago, and I kind of forgot to review it. 
It comes in a huge package, which is bigger than my face is. Huge!


I have combination skin, and it worked OK for me.

I took it out of its package (it opens on the side, which is a bit messy), and realized that this too was a gel mask. It wasn't as messy as the other one, but it did stain my shirt. 
Inside there was this weird half moon plastic thing, that was close to the mask. I am not sure what it is, but I suppose it is a moisture locker? Or whatever really.

You can keep this mask on for 20 - 30 minutes, which means extra 10 minutes to spoil yourself!

The mask is sized well, so it perfectly fit my face. Except on the sides, but when it comes to size it is OK.

The scent is pleasant, for me, it smelled like apricot seeds. A fresh, natural scent but with a hint of artificial in it.
Luckily I couldn't smell it after a couple of minutes.

My hands were all greasy after I applied the mask (the mask comes with lots of liquid in it -30ml), and when they dried, they were sticky. 
I applied it when I was lying down because I want to enjoy my mask time to the maximum. And there's one reason more - usually, these masks are leaking their essence liquid.

But even if I was lying down, the liquid was dripping on my neck. Not the best thing, ever but I survived it.

It gave me a cooling feeling all the time I was wearing it, which was kind of funny but not annoying.
But the most important thing, it didn't irritate my skin!

+ The scent
+ Didn't irritate my skin
+ Left me with smooth skin
+ Moisturized my skin

- It is super expensive
- Too much liquid in it
- The package is way too big to be practical

After the recommended time, I took it off and washed my face. Since it is a gel like a mask, it took me some time to get my face really clean. After that, I applied my toner (Garnier Essentials Fresh) and Jojoba oil (this is my night regime). 
It didn't whiten my face (as it says), but it did make feel my face clean and smooth. It also moisturized it nicely, which is always a big plus. 

Price: 6$ / one on
Rating: 3/5 ♥♥♥ (because it is super expensive!)

Overall: I don't think I will ever buy these masks because I think they are way too expensive for the effect they give you. It left me with moisturized skin, but that was practically it. Nothing special, but I am glad it didn't irritate my skin. Overall it is a nice mask, but for a daily mask, it is  just over my budget. But then again, if you can afford it, you should try it.
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