NOTD: Essence Bad Girl (Cute as Hell)

Today my manicure is orange. And it's more orange than it is in the bottle, plus for some reason it looks kinda neon on my fingers.

Natural light (no sun)
Artificial light
Natural light (no sun)

The apply was not problematic. It went on nice and smooth, the easiest of all three I tried out. But I don't think it really suits me =).

How do you like the orange color?


  1. To je moj prvi oranžni lakec in sem nad njim navdušen.
    Tud na mojih nohtih potegne na neonsko barvo.

    Aja, paše ti. :)

  2. This shade is so nice and creamy!

  3. I'm not an orange color lover. I think it looks really bad on me too. =) This is a lovely shade, 'cause it's creme. How not to like it? =)

  4. a really nice orange! i usually dont like orage but i like this shade

  5. Ta oranžko je res lep, ampak mislim da ne paše na tvojo polt, ker si bolj roza =)
    Meni prav tako ne paše, ker sem prezelena :S

  6. Tassa: Hvala :) Ful je cudno, ker potegne na neonsko barvo ja.

    Kasia_B: So in this spring! :D

    Nicol: I am not an orange lover either.

    Lyra: Se strinjam. V RL je sicer boljse, ker sicer bi ze dol letel, ampak ni najbolj posrecen odtenek za mojo kozo.. ne vem ce komu sploh pase.


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