The nails go CUTE

A week ago I ordered a set of 12 fimo sticks as a little gift for myself because I lost 1kg :) (yah 1x per week little gifts do wonders! I am currently at -2kg lol).

I ordered them off ebay for a little more than 3$. And they came in today! WOOOW!


I mean that is one serious STEAL! If you're interested I got them off this seller.
And since the seller sent them so quickly, I am planning on buying more stuff from her!

When opened they look like...

Cute, no? 

Check this out

I primarily wanted them because of the Chanel logo (want my nails to look fancy), but when I saw the cute bear, I couldn't resist it..

So today I decided to cut a couple of pieces and stick them to my nails..

 The first cuts were a bit thick, but I learned quickly..

I cut them on paper, that's correct. Not good either!

Since now it's my 4th day of the same manicure (it's still good except some white tips and a crack line on my middle finger - I am clumsy), I decided to stick a bear on my ring finger...

It looks weird because I cut it in a weird way ._.
And please excuse the super dry cuticles, this weather is killing them!

See how thick I cut the bear? I am wondering how long it will stay on..

Well i any case it is just plain CUTE. 
Next time I'm sure it will look better!

How do you like it?

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