Martina Kofol Photography

Today's post is going to be a little different....   Today I will share a couple of pictures with you, just for fun... 

A week or two, I had a photo shoot with a friend of mine, Martina Kofol :).
And my make up was done by Marjeta Gojič (she needs a make up blog, doesn't she!?).

First the MU close ups (I took these two pictures when I got home, before washing it off!).

I loved the make up, it was so vibrant :).



Okay, that is pretty much it for today. Tomorrow I'm going to LJ to get some fimo clay, so I will be able to make some non edible food charms! :D

Thanks for looking!



  1. i love it tamara! your so photogenic!

  2. great shots! and you look gorgeous too!

  3. WOW! What beautiful pictures~! ^___^ I love them, you're so pretty hun <3

  4. Wow! You and your sis are so damn pretty! I love the pictures, especially the 1st one. By the way, thanks for your subscription, but do you take part in the contest now? Well, this might sound absolutely stupid, but there's just one phrase missing. Shall I add it to your comment?

  5. mylanqolia: Wow that is so stupid of me...
    Yes please do enter me, and add the magic word to my post xD!

    I don't think I am pretty, but just... regular lol.
    Photoshop, ligths and poses do it all.
    And make up, I forgot to add that one.


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