Two tags

Hello everyone!

I am sorry for the ahem lack of posting tags, but I find it very time consuming, so I tend to avoid them...
I am really thankful for anyone tagging me, but most of the time I will forget about them..
Sorry about that.

But here are two tags that I have to do, before I forget.

The first one is "5 guys I used to like". Thanks to Maestra from Parokeets, I had to try to remember them..
I had a really hard time, I mean it's not long ago that I started looking at the guys and thinking HE'S HOT! So some are quite recent lol... and sorry for not writing the names, I liked the character and the guy. The guy alone without the character would be so much less charming..

Hercules from the series Hercules

He had muscles (well some) , long hair and he was strong..  Plus he was a lot of times shirtless... He seemed nice and had some smokin' hot scenes...

The guy from Esmeralda

Esmeralda was a huuuge hit a couple of years ago (okay more like 10 years ago), I can't exactly remember why I liked him, but I did.

Harry Potter

I still like him, but as a character. In the movies he wasn't all that bad.. and man he's getting better... (oh just like Jacob, rawr from twilight). I remember him being a kid, and now he looks.. well a more grown up kid xD S**t, what's wrong with me xD

Legolas (Orlando Bloom)

Ahhh, I loved this character from the LOTR movie. I'd watch the movie (with my dear lol) and go like 'WOW maaan, look how agile he is, wow he's hot, take that damn shirt off''.. <.< Okay I like the actor, he's still smoking hot, last day I watched Pirates of the Caribbean and man, he was gorgeous!

Johnny Deep

As weird as he is sometimes, as hot he was in this movie. If nothing else, he nailed down the gorgeous yet disgusting pirate :D.

I tag:

Now to the 2nd tag...  I was Picture tagged (The picture tag) from Oh-Jhoy.
I already did this tag before, but oh well.. ;)

the rules of the tag:

  1. open your 1st photo folder in "My Pictures"
  2. scroll to the 10th photo
  3. post that photo on your site and write about the story behind it
  4. state who you got the tag from on your post
  5. then tag 6 blogs

This are the items I got from Tali, for making it into the winners part of her contest! I remember opening the package with my sister, we actually teared it apart, because it would not open. I was so excited, because that was my first MAC item! ^^ The soap was used in one week, after I gave it to my dear to shower with it, because I wanted him to smell so good...   The Vaseline was gone in two months, because I am a lippie junkie.

I tag

Have fun !

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