Cupcakes and Cherries

Alright, not exactly but yes.. :)

Yesterday I was so bored that I became crafty. I took some fimo clay and started creating food charms. They look a bit sloppy, but hey I'm a newbie! ;D


They kinda look funny, my dear asked me 'are those mushrooms', lol. I don't blame him tho.


One of the easiest things to make. But mine still didn't came out as pretty as it could!

Sweets (okay chocolate/bubble gum and a pink donut thing)


I think it could look better and less futuristic if the filling was white. Oh well :).

I need to get more Fimo Clay and Liquid Fimo, because when I tried mixing my Fimo clay with Vaseline (I've read that somewhere) and making a whipped cream like topping, well after a close meeting with the oven, everything MELTED!
So yes, liquid clay here I go..

Oh and be read to see more of small food charms coming, I've ordered a 'recipe book' for them ;)



  1. Some of them look so real...yummy :D I'm inlove with lucky charms, very cute.

  2. The charms look cute. I really like those muffin charms :)

  3. Wow! I absolutely love the cupcakes as they look so delicious. No, to be honest, they look soooo cute. Blimey! You and your sis are damn creative. You should do more posts of your handicraft work. I can't wait to see more. :-) Hugs


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