The Boo Dog Bag

I was looking forward buying this dual handle canvas bag since I saw it on the Boo site.
And after some time, I contacted the owner of the shop to ask about the shipping rates. But she was so kind because after seeing my blog she decided to send the bag as a gift!

But don't worry, my review isn't any less honest even if I received it as a gift!

This is an actual image of the design on my bag

 I got to pick the design and even got freebies (sticker + magnet). Yay! She also included a sweet note to my package. And the paper clip was in the shape of a bone. I almost melted when I saw it.
And as if she wasn't nice enough, I got a Xmas card from her!

Now isn't this the cutest paper clip in the whole universe?!

The freebies

I decided to get the Gothic Boo because it has some serious attitude and that pantyhose make me want to go clothes shopping!

Initially, I wanted to use the bag to carry around my make up train case, because I am really clumsy so I tend to bump it into objects as tables, walls, etc.
It seemed big enough, but sadly when it arrived I realized my train case is a weird one, and doesn't fit into it at all (which gave me a great excuse to get myself a new one, okay maybe one day). But you see, such things never stop me, so I used it for other things, I actually abused it because I used it almost every single day.

dual handle canvas bag ($20.00)
100% Eco-friendly recycled cotton, dual handle canvas bag from
Eco-Bags®. Reduce waste and take the boo with you when you
go grocery shopping or carry it as a handbag.
• 12" wide x 12" tall with a flat 8" flat bottom gusset
• inside pocket to carry your wallet, cell phone, etc.
• removable plastic insert to keep the bottom flat
• Made with fair wages / fair labor
The use:
*for carrying stuff from my place to my BF's place (MU, clothes)
*grocery & shopping
*used it once for carrying about 10 small pictures in glass frames from one place to the other (my dear had a photography exhibition)
*stuffing it with stuff I still have to send out

There are plenty of uses for a bag, don't you think? And it's even better because it is resistant, so it won't break easily. And believe me, I used it for quite heavy items (the glass frames weren't light!).

+ The plastic insert keeps my items protected
+ It is Eco-friendly
+ It is resistant
+ Has multiple uses
+ Is priced decently
+ You can pick your own design
+ You can put LOTS of items in it because it is really spacious.

-It doesn't have a zipped opening

Inside it has a plastic insert, which you can remove, if you'd like to fold your bag to put it in your purse (for shopping purposes!).

The second handles are most of the time inside the bag, so you take them out only when you need them.

And there's one really handy pocket!

And... here's a comparison picture, so you can see how big the bag is!

Here it is filled with some goodies (they are hidden in the plastic bags, there are too many to show you) and a letter set (isn't it pretty?).

What to say, I really like it! I was looking for a nice tote bag for ages, and this one seems to serve its purpose really well. I just wish it had a zipper on the top, but then again that wouldn't make a good shopping bag. :)

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