EOTD: Lavender

Today before I went to work, I decided to use a color I have never used before (no it's not blue or green lol).
It's a mix between purple and light blue, which really reminds me of a color I already own by LC which is called Twilight.

I used:
*CS 88 Shimmer palette (the lavender color)
*CS 88 Matte palette (same color but matte)
*CS 88 Shimmer palette white pearl


 The look is really simple and easy to do. It is nothing special, but I needed to brighten my day ;)


  1. I REALLY like this color combo! It's so pretty & it looks beautiful on you. Perfect with your skin tone :D

  2. Thank you girls! It actually looked a bit too blue in real life, because of the lack of sun light :(.


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