The BEST & worst products of 2009

The year 2009 has been filled with lots of products. And by lots I mean a lot of great ones, and even more bad ones...

So today I'm here to show you the main fraction of them!

Lets start with the best of them.

1. Skincare - Jojoba oil 

This is really great! I used one bottle of it and then I was like one month without it until I realized that I cannot live without it. I use it at night, as a night cream and really helps me with skin problems.

2. Skincare - Sweetscents GTR

It really dries out the acne on my body and face. It also helps with some redness on it. Great product!

3. Shampoo & Conditioner ECO Nature Care

I have all three of them and I must say that they are great! They smell great, have no SLS in it, which is always a plus and leave my hair grease-free for about three days (usually I have to wash my hair every 2nd day because they get greasy so easily).

4. Mascara - Apple Mascara

One of the best I ever had! It gives me volume, doesn't clump and lengthens my eyelashes!
Plus it's super affordable.

5. Body - LUSH Sexy Boy

I use it as a moisturizer, for which it works perfectly! With regular massage, my body has become more toned (and I do it with joy, since it smells divine)!

6. Foundation  - Skin Food Mushroom BB cream

It gave me perfect coverage (medium), the perfect tone and it was long lasting. The only thing that I didn't like was the oil control (not so great, but not all that bad).

Now.. lets move to the BAD products, the ones I won't repurchase!

1. Skincare -Clinique Cleansing Foam
This was really drying (even for my combination skin!), didn't help me with any impurities and was quite expensive!

2. Foundations - Skin79 Dreamgirls BB cream

Yuck! The smell, the oxidation, the coverage.. yuck, yuck, yuck!

3.Hand care - Dvorec Trebnik hand cream Avocado

It smelled disgusting, made my hands even MORE dry. And the not so nice package made it go right on my BOHOO list!

4.  LUSH T'eo deodorant

This my readers, is a winner of the worst! It made my underarms sore, red and broken. My skin became super sensitive and really dry. And it was pretty expensive for a deodorant (8€)!

5. Taft hairspray

Well it holds the curls really well, but the smell.. It's terrible. And it stays in your hair until you wash them!

6. Nivea Shine Control Toner

A big no go. It smelled not so nice for a toner (I expect them to smell fresh!), made my skin feel a bit itchy and it felt like a sort of a film on my face...

So these have been the best and worst of 2009, lets hope that 2010 will be filled with great items!

What have been your Best&Worst items in 2009?
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