NOTD: Jessica Fancy Pants (Sass&Sparkle Collection)

As you may know, today I got three wonderful nail polishes! One of them is Jessica Fancy Pants.

I decided to do my nails, with just one of them, alone!

It wouldn't be anything special, if that one polish wasn't the most glittery thing I ever wore! Even worse! I decided to break the rules and applied it, as I would my regular nail polish. In two coats.

Here it is!

I am pretty sure, that my dear didn't have this in mind, when he gave them to me. I'm am pretty sure he thought I'd use it for layering or maybe adding some details to other nail polishes. But well he should be used to it by now :P.
The nail polish reminds me of a tail of a mermaid, and it is really festive on its own!

The apply wasn't anything special. Except that well it is glitter, and it's a bit hard to control where you put it. But other than that, it dried really quickly and with two layers of Jessica top coat (that I got today) it is as smooth as a tear.


I must say that I really like it! It is so shiny, that my eyes hurt when I look at it.


How do you like it? Would you dare to wear it on its own? Would you dare to wear it during the festive season or during a normal day?

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