Mini clothes Haul, November 09

Today I went clothes shopping! I decided that I have more than enough cosmetics, and that I need clothes, shoes (okay, maybe not shoes since I have 20 pairs now). So next few months, you'll see clothes, clothes, clothes... and shoes! Yahh! Well, at least when it will come to hauls ;). I didn't buy much, but hopefully next hauling will be more successful! I got myself some socks (hm hm yah, plain old black, and pastel ones), home slippers, a nice bra and a shirt. The bra is fantastic! It's so pretty, and it's red! I'm not sure how to call this type of bra.. The shirt is gray, and it is interesting, because it changes color between brown and grey. I know, I need more colors.. The slippers, are in a way super cute, but they are freaking ugly too! Oh, I can't wait to go back to the stores!


  1. Whoa, the corset is so cute! I should get some of those.


  2. love that bra... it's super cute! i'm in search of one in that cut too.

  3. omg love that bra D: and the slippers are cute!

  4. evo, jaz sem se pa sedaj v kozmetiko vrgla :D da malo zamenjava.. :DD

  5. The corset bra is damn hot! Love it!

  6. Cute!! You just broadcasted your bra to the whole world! LOL XD But it's really cute!!

    And love the fuzzy slippers! They look so warm! ^.^

  7. Guida: I bought it in H&M for 14€. They have it in black too... :)

    Crissy: Thank you! The slippers are very comfy!

    Densy: Jaaa, koncno! Imam prevec kozmetike, sploh too much of it! Malo menjave ne skodi ;)

    Mylanqolia: You could get one in H&M, there they have some cute bras (I love their bra designs). ^^

    Lisa: Yaaah... don't tell me about it xD! I had second thoughts about posting this blog entry, but then I realized that I posted a menstrual cup (lunette) review, so it couldn't get worse, hehe lol!


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