Essence Eyeliners + SYF nail polish

Today I wanted to buy an eyeliner from Essence in Pretty cool, because I have seen pictures of it, and it looked really nice!

While I was there, I got myself another glam eyeliner in On the go (purpleish blue), and two Show Your Freet nail polishes.. .)

Now it's time for me to buy new clothes.. so expect clothes pictures! ;)

The eyeliners are pretty cool! I love the green one, it's really nice, opaque and it applies nicely. The purple one is a more sheer eye liner, but it is buildable, so it was a nice purchase.

And to comment this picture.. as if I don't have already enough reed nail polishes.. :)!


  1. Wow they're REALLY pigmented!! It looks really nice!

    And the polishes look really candy-like and pretty too! =) I didnt know you could get 'antibacterial' nail polishes..or just for your feet!

  2. They look great on your beautiful eyes! i actually like the blue/purple one more =D

    And the polishes look so fun! I never knew there were polishes made for the toes! LOL

  3. Arrgh! You make me buy the purple liquid liner! Shame on you! ;-) Honestly, the turquoise one looks great on you. Yes, yes, it's a lovely colour. Are you happy with them (especially with the purple one as I'm very interested now)? Are they better than the one by Nyx? Hope to see more EOTDs with them. Hugs

  4. Jian: The turquise is really pigmented, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! ^^ Yah the antibacterial thing.. is weird. I mean, I use them for my finger nails, because it makes no difference to me. But they are really pigmented, so one layer of nail polish is enough! But the name is funny, Show your feet, hehe...

    Lisa: That was a really quick look, just to show how pigmented they are.. I'm glad you like them! Yah, they are especially made for toe nails, but... I hardly ever use them for that.. :) I don't care.. They are great, pigmented and opaque. Couldn't ask for more, from a nail polish! ;)

    Mylanqolia: You made me buy the turquise one! :D Now we are equal ;).
    I like the turquise, it's really pigmented, but you already know that. The purple one, is still pigmented but it's a little on the watery side. That's nothing wrong, but the green one is easier to apply. I think you should try it, before buying, I mean if you have the chance.

    And yess they are WAY better than my NYX pencils. Those lasted me for an hour, two maybe.. I'm not sure. But I could wear these babies for HOURS and they'd still be there. Just as the Essence black eyeliner (which I love too!). I'll surely do more EOTDs with them, just hoping for some better weather, since it's been raining for a couple of days now.. + there's lots of FOG! :(


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