Today's haul

Today I'm feeling better so with my dear we went.. shopping! Okay, not exactly, he had in mind that I need a pair of pants and contact lenses + solution. So later I went alone and picked up some stuff from the Essence shelf. That's why I missed the postman.. gah! D: I'll go pick up the package later before I go to an art exhibition to LJ. I also got another package, about which I'll write when I will write the review... just a small hint. They are correctors, for under eye circles (which I have, and mine are very well visible)!

  Regular pants:

I must be one nasty person. I'm damn cheap when it comes to clothes. Not shoes, makeup, nail polishes and everything else that isn't clothes. I am damn cheap when it comes to clothes! These were 30€, and I was deciding if I should get them or not. I decided not to, so my dear got them for me ._.


I got those two days ago, they are super comfortable and I can tuck in them my pants without a problem. They are super soft too!
I am one blind person.. and since I didn't get new contacts for a while I got them today (we will not count circle lenses that I am still waiting for),... Another courtesy of my dear. And last.

I got a bunch of Essence items. I wanted to get more, but there weren't all the items I wanted. bah! The orange pen thing is Vitamin stick for nails; Pinkish thing is a small glass file because I always forget my big glass file! Greenish + purplish mascaras; Black nail polish with silver glitter; Essence Fresh for a fresh start before you apply nail polish (I think it is for getting off any grease from your nails). Hopefully, I'll post my EOTD later.. ^^ Now I'm feeling better so, blogging will become an everyday thing again!


  1. Great haul, I ilke the boots :) Where did you buy them?

  2. I'm quite blind too, Optifree rules :D

  3. Kakšno razstavo? :) Ma nimaš ti že en črn lak z zlatimi bleščicami?

  4. Biba: Thank you! I bought them in Pitarello (32€).

    Duckalicious: haha.. yah, we blind people will rule the world ;)!

    Helena: Ja.. pac zbiram lakce ;)).

  5. Glad you're feeling better!! And great little Essence haul you've got there!! & it's so sweet of your dear to get you all those goodies. The boots look great and I'm also very blind. . . but I don't wear contacts because I'm so scared of them. Hopefully I will overcome that soon!


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