EOTD and food pictures!

Yesterday I had the simplest make up ever. A bit of brownish eyeshadow (shimmer - by P2) and matte in the corners (Essence brown matte), with a bit of eyeliner on the top lid, and black kohl pencil on the bottom part. I wore it for 10h+ and it was still flawless. So who says that drugstore make up is bad? When I finished working my dear called me and asked me if I'd like to go out. Well I had no idea what he had in mind, but of course, I said yes. He took me to a Mexican restaurant (tho we couldn't decide between the Mexican, Chinese and some fancy sh*t)... The garlic soup was delicious (that's why I forgot to take pictures!)... Here's what he had: Mine: No need to tell that we couldn't finish even just one portion. The mushrooms were Delicious, the burrito (well the middle part) had no real taste, which is a shame.. But all the stuff around was really good. I'm currently feeling so sick that I don't want to fix my nails, even if the nail polish has chipped on some parts.. hell I need some sleep. Have a nice day, here for some reason the weather is going crazy. One day it is super hot, the other then it is freezing...


  1. looks great! sometimes the most simple looks work out the best!

    yummy food! xo

  2. Wow, your eyes look very nice. What is this eye shadow?

    Food look very tasty. Big portion, woow !

    yeah, here is getting colder and colder too.
    Can you recommend me some shadows?


  3. I love the EOTD! I never said drugstore makeup was bad =]

    The food you had looks delicious!! Hope you had fun!!

    I agree, in Canada, it's super freezing here!! It's like we skipped autumn and went straight to winter!

  4. haha fancy sheet !
    i dont like fancy food !lol
    ohh the mexican food looks so tempting !i never had any !

  5. love the make up you did, i love the color :)

  6. Yes, you're absolutely right- this simple EOTD is very lovely. Have you used the new P2 e/s? Good, huh? ;-) Btw, which mascara do you use? Your lashes are absolutely va-va-voom!
    The food looks yummy- I'm hungry now and you're to blame for it. ;-)

  7. Ummm I don't have P2 and Wet n wild but I have Essence! What can you recommend me from Essence products? :)

  8. your eye makeup is really lovely,hun
    me loves it!

    & the food looks so yummy!

    i hope you are feeling better now,girl

  9. Yeah, P2 has some amazing gems among their product range but some items are crap, too. The mascaras don't work for me. Some don't show no effect on my crippled lashes or some evoke allergic reactions.:-( Btw, thanks for mentioning the brand of the mascara! But I don't believe that it gives my lousy lashes massive volume and length though I'm tempted to try it due to your pics. :-)

  10. oOo that food looks yummy! :) Too bad the insde of the burrito did that much taste =/ But still even though you said that, looking at that picture made my stomach growl! XD haha

    && (RYC) Just a little secret, my room at home is NOTHING compared to at school. At home it's SUPER DUPER plain & has very little decorations compared to the pictures you saw. >.<

  11. Also, I hope you're not still feeling sick and you've gotten better hun~

  12. i really love the brown look. It fits your eye color a lot.

    im a new follower and love your blog.


  13. Hope your feeling better. The food looks good. Love your eye makeup.

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