One of the BEST things I ever did!

This is not a beauty related post. Not at all! Rescue of an abandoned dog: A couple of days ago started something really important. A group collection of dog food. Yes, dog food! I love all sorts of animals, especially dogs. So I decided to join and my dear helped me too! We bought 23 big sized cans of wet dog food and we wanted to bring it to Radio Capris where they are still collecting it (until the day after tomorrow). But instead we decided to bring it directly to Sv. Anton to the dog shelter. Honestly I was crying when I saw all those dogs... There are 70+ dogs in the dog shelter. I like it a lot because they don't put to sleep the dogs after 30 days. Instead there are some dogs that are in the shelter for over four years. Yes four! We also took a cute huuuge dog on a walk. It was great, so we both decided to do something good for those dogs some time again. Hopefully 1x/month. The dog shelter has it's own webpage and even a blog! I don't care if some people think that animals are less worth than human are. I don't give a fuck about it! I love animals and if I can, I will help them! Everyone can help them, at any time. The pictures are not mine, they were found using Google.
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