Hair stuff haul + NOTD!

I will start with my NOTD... Yesterday I was quite bored and I wanted to do something with my nails... I think I overdid it, so now they look just weird. My sister likes them, but I don't so today this thing goes off!


Hm... Okay.. Today I bought some things for my hair. Like a new hair color, a new shampoo, a new hair mask, and some volume stuff. I mostly use Tigi hair products, but the 2nd-day volume spray does nothing for me. 
Shampoo + Mask:

Hair Color:

Volume spray:

And three nail polishes from the Creamylicious Essence TE. This Trend Edition was literally robbed in Muller, but in DM it's still there. Intact! Some weeks ago I managed to get the light beige nail polish and today all the other three! They are super for konad stamping!

Aren't they just pretty? Today the weather sucks so no Eye majic review today. I need a lovely weather for taking makeup pictures.. :) Cya!


  1. ohh!
    its great that you found good polishes for konad stamping. It's a lot bigger than the konad polish.

    i hope that these hair stuff would work for you. The Nivea hair spray looks cute!


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