Lipsticks, Lip glosses, Lip pencils!

Today I wanted to show you all of my lip items. With swatches! I had no idea that my lips will be sore at the end of the photo session. Oh my! All pictures were taken with flash, so they may look a little different in natural light. This post is very pictures heavy, and each image is clickable! I divided it in three parts. The lip pencils, lipsticks and lip glosses! To begin with, here are my nude lips: So, they are quite pigmented... Lip liners: Purpleish: Manhattan Xtreme Last 4 (red): Manhattan Xtreme Last 32 (pinkish): L'Oreal Contour Parfait 658 (nude): Now, lets move on to my lipstick collection (click on the image to see the names).... All of them: Essence Frosty: Essence Sparkling Illusion: Manhattan 57K: Maybelline Windsor Rose: Purpleish: Reddish: Whiteish Pink: S-he 390: S-he 330: And to the lip glosses... Essence Ethno Couture RED: Essence Ethno Couture ORANGE: Essence IT PIECE: Essence PARTY CONNECTION: Essence RISING STAR: Essence Summer of Love -02: Essence TIMELESS BEAUTY: Lancome 112: N17: S-he TRIO 1: S-he TRIO 2: S-he TRIO 3: Oh, that was a lot of work! :). xoxo, Tamara
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