A trip to Maribor! Beware long post ;)

Sooo... as promised, here is my post about the trip to MB. It was.. interesting lol. For a little tease first some pictures of MB's park. Yess! Those were taken in Spring, so yah.. This time we didn't have time even for breathe lol. I didn't believe, but there are LOTS of squirrels! HAhaa, so cute! The park has three small lakes, so there are lots of turtles, koi fish and so on.. Now to more recent things.. So what did we do there? Nothing, nothing! I mean we had plans, like... enough of them, but we didn't do a thing! Why? Well because we had to go visit that friend, then to a drink with another and like this every day. We didn't even manage to go to the cinema! Lol. But we saw Goričko, which was well.. boring. I expected more to be honest. It was just so similar to the plants we have here, the fields.. well it was too similar! Someone asked me what make up did I bring with me, so here it is: Deborah's palette. I don't use it much because it doesn't have the colors I'd normally use lol.. But it's good for a simple make up look. Brushes: Normally I use lots of brushes, but at home.. I used only two! The blush brush and the big crease one.. I don't know why I took with me the others since I didn't use them at all. I actually wore little make up (yes I got lazy!). Make up part 2: My BB cream, foundation (I'm running out!), no name palette, eyebrows pencil, black pencil, mascara, blusher/highlighter. One of the days we had some spare time and we decided to go to the shopping center. I was looking for the brows razors, because I needed to trim my eyebrows. I couldn't find those anywhere here, but they had them in that mall! Woo! So cool, and you can 'fix' your eyebrows in matter of seconds and it's not painful too! Tho for some reason, two of them cost 3.30€ o.O Uh well. Not a big deal, but I thought they have the same price as normal razors. I bought.. lots of phone charms. Yes lots. And a ring and two necklaces. Well those were a gift from my dear, tho I picked them! They are super adorable but damn pricey! I mean.. uhm 6€ for one phone charm? o.O Weird. But still, super cute! I got myself two pair of pants because well I put on weight x.x One are jeans (two sizes bigger, need to put them in the washing machine) and a black fancy pants that will be 'in' this autumn.. Of course I had to check the shoes store too.. I love shoes, I adore them and I want more of them! I tried some super hot sandals with the highest heel ever! They looked nice on me, but they had some mistake so I decided to not to buy them. But instead my dear asked me to try on these shoes and for some reason they looked good too, and I got them in the end :). They have a scull and some flowers on the heel part xD It's so funny because they look kind of classy, no? (excuse the mess in the BG) That's everything I bought ya... nothing more no no... (Except a hair mask, three nail polishes.... ) So, we went around 'the world', or actually just around the places near.. I wanted to go to Budapest, but we'll go next time and hopefully to Gradz too. I want to see the world! Ah, one day we went to visit a friend of us, who is still Miss Slovenia.. This is the third year and it's really really weird. But okay... xD Tadeja & me: We drank from the moment we get to her house to the moment we left to go home (we were in different places too lol). One of the things we drank: That's terrible! We've been drinking alcho for like what.. three days?! I don't usually drink it, but sometimes it's a good thing to do, lol. But I guess I got so tolerant in those three days. We ate lots of junk food too. I can't see McDonald's anymore, ew! I loved that stuff a year ago, but now... no thank you. It's not because I ate too much of it, but it's just that the stuff lost its taste. EW. Ew. and EW again! But to tell the good side.. we made sushi! It was delicious and now I want some more! I think I'm obsessed with sushi. Tho the fun thing is, that I disliked sushi when I first tried it... So what was my lil 'vacation' like? It was full of junk food, alcho, meetings with people, traveling around and well sleep. I've slept a lot there so now I'm full of energy xD! I can't wait for Autumn to come.. it's still so hot here, but it gets dark quicker but yah.. I didn't manage to windsurf this year, which angers me a LOT, but ooookay.. eh. Have fun girls ;) xoxo, Tamara
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