I was recently introduced to the site and I wanted to share this new find with you all! I think that the easiest way to introduce you this interesting site is, to guide you through the find & buy process. 1. You type in what you're searching for (it doesn't have to be specific, the brand name could do too). I was searching for the wacom bamboo fun tablet: If there are any questions posted (and answers) you see those too. If there are none you can write them down yourself! Q&A: After the Q&A part, there is a list of the stores that holds the item and the price: 2. If you like the price and the store, you just click on the store name and olee - a new tab opens! There you can see the item in all its beauty and you can even buy it off the site. So the site is pretty simple. If you want to post Q&A, you have to register, if not no. But in any case you can see the questions and answers, so it's not a must. I like it because you have it all on one site. Questions, answers and lots of different stores with different prices! So you can actually save up when buying online! I think it's pretty useful site, because this way buyers can get all the information on one site. And there's never too much information about the specific item we're looking for, no? ;)
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