Things that make me happy!

I wanted to write a random post, since it's too late to take pictures of make up or nails. But tomorrow I will hopefully write about my skin care.. *Colors! Colors really brighten my day. That's why I like strong MU and colorful nail polishes! Pink nails: Photobucket Green MU: Photobucket *Music... There's nothing more to say. Music never fails to get me into a good mood. *Nice and tasty food! What's better than chocolate and sea/river food? Ice cream: Photobucket *Books! Tho not as in studying, but as in reading and chilling out.. *Long walks with my dear and talking about our believes and arguing about them. As in the stuff that's going on in the world.. Tho we mostly agree on such things.. *Nice skin! It really makes me joyfull when I see that I don't have any breakouts, or any left overs of those.. :) I like it when my skin is clean, clean clean! *WindSurfing... Okay I didn't try to this year, but last year I did.. and I'm still learning. It pisses me off wile I am learning, but after the classes it's pretty cool. Especially it makes me angry when my bf tries to teach me something.. (like when I am getting on the board for the 30th time, cuz I suck lol). *Blogging. Do I have to say anything more? Of course there are several other things that make me happy, but I can't list everything.. So girls, what makes YOU happy?
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