My skin care routine!

I know I don't have a perfect skin. Even the opposite! I'm on the bad side, but let me tell you something.. I was far worse a couple of years ago. My pores got clogged all the time, and I kept scratching that! EW! I also have a sensitive kind of skin, that heals really slowly. If an acne mark will heal on others in two weeks, it will take me twice that time. I try to use just a few items for my skin care. That's because I feel guilty. I mean I slap on so many things when I do my makeup..) But okay let me first show you a really unflattering picture. Now you see what am I doing for you ladies?! I am taking pictures of myself with no makeup, and with a leftover from a skin breakout. Ready?!

Of course you can click it too, to see it in all it's 'glory'. My skin is sensitive, acne-prone and combination. A bad combo, huh? My cheeks are on the dry side, so if something feels good on my front head, it will itch on my cheeks. My nose gets oily in a matter of hours (because it's damn hot hot hot!!) and even blotting it, doesn't do a thing. But now lets move on to my routine. For a couple of months I have the same routine all over again. But if I go at my bf's and I forget to bring my things there,.. then it's hell! Because my skin gets all dry and then super oily in the morning and after that I can expect some small breakouts. 
My face cleanser:

Do you remember the Clinique cleanser I had? Well this one is similar, but less on a dry side. I like it, plus it's way cheaper than Clinique and it does more good to my skin that the expensive thing :P. Hm if I'm not mistaken the cost of this baby was 5€, maybe less. This is a local brand here. With it, I take off my make up (I am a lazy bum, and I use the oil cleanser only for my waterproof mascara and the too-resisting Essence Liquid Eyeliner - which Iooveee). Then I use the toner, not any toner but THE toner:

I have tried only one brand of toner before, and that was L'Occitane. Their toner worked for me for a year and a little more, but then it seemed like it did nothing. Absolutely nothing! So I bought this baby. This is my second one, and I like it! It moisturizes my skin just enough so I can apply a tad of cream/oil/BB cream and work it on from there. It also leaves a nice fresh feeling on my skin. This is another cheap item. Again 5€.

My face cream:

If I feel a little masochistic, then I apply this product? Why masochistic? Well this product worked wonders for me in the first two months. But then the heat came and instead of a good feeling it left me with an itchy feeling on my skin. And that's weird, because I've experienced the same change with some other products (the full L'occitane olive set for the face - first they worked perfectly for me, but then they did nothing!). Hmmm.. am I weird? But I guess it's only because of the damn heat. Tho.. it only lasts for 6 months, bah!!

(don't mind the super ugly hand writing) 

If it's day then I apply instead of this cream, my HG:

Which works perfectly as a foundation. It makes my skin all pretty. I mean it covers up most of the stuff, but if I want a heavier foundation I apply over it (or instead of it) my Revlon Color Stay foundation. This BB cream has a lovely smell, and it gives me this pretty dewy look. Pretty natural. But since it's hot, I apply over it my compact powder from Manhattan to finish it. I still get the dewy look after a couple of hours. :P The powder just sucks, but what could I've expected from a over scented drying out compact powder?! (Before I had Isadora's compact powder and let me tell you.. that one was simply great. It worked WAY better than the Manhattan one, and it was 3x the price of the Manhattan powder too) Anyhow, the BB cream is awesome and I'm already half way to the end.. If I have some breakouts, I use in the night:
Jojoba oil. It really helps me with my breakouts and calms them down. Of course in the morning, I wake up with a bit of oily skin, but that is natural for me. I wash my face anyway. And as you can see, I'm already more than half way down the bottle.
I think it works so good for me, it's because this oil is similar to the oil our body produces. :) Maybe next time, I will show you a review of my BB creams. With pictures. Yes even some that are scary as the first one. Just for comparison. Do you ladies have any tips and tricks for me? I mean for my skin. Or could you recommend me a good face cream? Something lightweight? 

xoxo, Tamara
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