Review: EpiStick Facial Hair Remover

Hello, ladies! 


I know that whenever you check eBay you wonder about those cheap and interesting products. Like the Epstick! (all the images are clickable!) 
In all its beauty:
I ordered it on Ebay for only 1.99$ with free shipping. Cool, no? Even if it wouldn't work, I think it wouldn't be a waste. 

It's a fun little device. Actually, it looks pretty interesting, you may wonder 'a torture device'?

I had no idea on how to use it, but the master Youtube told me how to do that.   After that everything went super smooth on. It's quite easy to use and that's its only function so. yah.. I wanted to try it out on that little hair I have on my face. Right next to my ears. They're super tiny and light, but I know they are there. It was easy to use, but it hurt. Not like 'omg it hurts' but more like an irritating hurt. A pain that you want it to end, because it's just irritating. I get that kind of pain with epilators. But after the use, I feel super happy because I don't have to bother with hair for a month!

+ Super cheap! 
+ An interesting product that actually pulls hair out! 
+ Quick to use! 
+Great way to remove facial hair. 
- It's only for the facial hair.
- Painful. 

Trapped hair:

Those are only a few hairs, but that's because I was using this little thing since yesterday when I get bored.. and now only a few hairs are left on my face! YAY for it! 

It's quite a fun product because you have to twist those little handles for it to work. And it does remove quite quickly the hair. Tho for those of you who haven't experienced the 'beauty' of removing facial hair (eyebrows etc), then it may be surprisingly painful... But still, for that price it's so worth it!


  1. it looks like a cute q-tip hehe but yipes! painful? hehe but i guess any type of hair removal is usually painful.. might have to give this a try since its pretty cheap! great review

  2. I'll rather do threading. That thing does look painful D:

  3. ive seen one of these at Rachel Ray show. they featured 3 women with hair growth problems. one of the ladies used the same one and she said it worked so well. the down side is thats its really painful.

  4. thanks for the review!

    i was just thinking about this & when i saw your haul that you bought this i said to myself that im gonna be buying this too if you give good feedback..

    but wonders of wonders!
    a person contacted me that she will send me this product for me to try & review on...

    i can't wait until i get mine to try it too

    have a great day,pretty!

  5. This is a really good products,looks small but it works wonder

  6. I never saw this product before, but it looks great!
    Very nice stuff!
    Exciting review! Thanq!


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