Review: GEO Nudy Blue

Today I got these babies in the mail. I was waiting for them for a while now (17 days to be exact), because they were at the customs. Bah! Last time they got to me in 10 days, which was just plain awesome! They come in little vials, which I find to be really cute (wanna cuddle them and keep them with me forever!)
Geo Nudy Blue and Geo Angel Green 
I got them all with prescription (-3,75 because I don't see well):


I also wanted to share with you, how you see if your lenses are original from GEO. The ones that were ordered before April 2009, don't have the validate sticker on them, so there are other tricks to see if yours is a fake or not! So I've made this little tutorial, here:

After 6+ hours of soaking, I decided to try them on. They are pretty big, and I thought they were bigger than my others, but they are really not. They are just a lot lighter so you may end up with thinking they are bigger! xD I actually get that 'halo' effect but reversed.. o.O It means it's not where it SHOULD be (under part of the eye) but it's on the upper part, under the eyelid, blah! I wanted it to show up :(.

In the small case (one part):
Geo Nudy Blue 

They look pretty bright there.. but.. They AREN'T bright at all in real life, under the normal light!
Geo Nudy Blue 
OR under the sunlight:
Geo Nudy Blue
OR in the inside light:
Geo Nudy Blue 
But they do show wonderfully under flash light. There they are totally bright and fantastic. But nothing like under natural light.
Geo Nudy Blue 
But still, I like them. They look pretty natural to me. :) Cam whoring (flashlight):
Geo Nudy Blue Geo Nudy Blue Geo Nudy Blue

Enlargement: 9/10 even if they have the same diameter as the others (14.00) they are brighter and look larger! They make me look like a doll!
Color/Design: 8/10 They could blend more and be bluer (they're dark blueish and blend quite well into my green eyes, so they look blueish green but a tad darker), probably they could be more vibrant, I'd like that!
Comfort: 9/10 They are super comfortable and I forgot I'm wearing them.
Overall I like them. A lot. They aren't really noticeable (you have to look up really closely), and even my grandma didn't notice I was wearing circle lenses! And trust me, she's the person who notices everything!
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