A trip to Kranjska Gora - pictures heavy


Yesterday started in a really nice way! I got a call from my mom, about a package. I wasn't at home so she called me to inform me, that I got a package! YAY! I rushes home and realized it was from the super sweet Soapholic! She sent me the sample of Emu oil and some other goodies! She's such a generous person! Thank you dear! You made me really happy with all those lovely things! ^^ She also wrote me a really lovely letter, so pretty! After that we were headed to Ljubljana to pick up my dear's phone. On the way there we saw this cute pink car!  

We started at 12:00 ( I think?) and got home after 21:00. It was a great day! After we went to Ljubljana we went to Muller and Clarus so I could pick up my hair dye (which they didn't have!!) and contact lenses cleaning tablets. But well I ended up with some cute items.... :)) But still nothing too exaggerated. That's when my dear asked me if I'd like to go home via Vršič(1611m) (which is hmmm... well pretty far away from there but it's one of my fav place ever - okay it's Kranjska Gora..). Of course I said yes! I was dreaming about this for a wile now.. I'm really bad when it comes to naming towns... D:! So I can't remember where we stopped to buy me a swimsuit (we went from home with just our clothes on and a wallet lol.. no swimming suits, no towels, nothing!) and a towel! After that we headed to Vršič. I suffer from ear pain whenever we go more than 200m high with car speed. My ears start hurting, and I feel seasick xD! But it's getting better and better. The road was really hmm curvy (lol)? There were more than 50 big curves and twice as that smaller ones. (I recorded with my cam some small videos but.. they're all blurry lol) (picture from car GPS) At the end we both felt sick. It was terrible, lol! I'm not sure but I think it took us about 45 min to get up and down on the other side. But the view, oh boy - the view was just simply gorgeous!  
  And terrifying too!

at the top:
Of course we were driving around in cabrio style, so I had to buy the sun screen protection on a gas station.. Can you believe that they had max SPF 20?! At the bottom of the 'mountain' we found the spot where people actually swim! (the river has 7 degrees!). I love this river. It's really dangerous (fast! and in most parts very deep), but no matter that it's beautiful. And I wanted to swim in it! :P Whenever my bf says I won't do something as if I don't have the guts to do it.. well then I want to do it, and I do it. The first time I put my feet in the water they started hurting. It was so cold, and there were small stones on the bottom. But I managed to get in it.. (here I am screaming lol.. - cooold!)  
  And swim in it..
  Of course I got out every 2-4 min because I couldn't stand the cold.. And when I got out, it was just too hot! We were there for about 30 min. Then we headed to Bovec to eat something. I ordered pumpkin cream soup and Postrv (fish lol). I originally wanted a beefsteak or any meat.. but my bf said that he will clean it for me, so I ordered it! The soup... (I took the picture AFTER I started eating it, oops)
  The fish:
It ended as expected. My bf ordered pizza... but I got bored of the taste of the fish ( I love seafood, river fish isn't my thing.. but most of all I love sea shells, polyps..) When we were full we went to check the adrenaline centers (I think Bovec lives from these activities) because next time we'll go to Rafting, Hydrospeed and Canyoning! In one of those centers I got some flip flops.
Supper crappy picture.. sorry! The day was really fun, and next time we'll go earlier and sleep over! Last year we went there twice, but we went to Planica too! Tho I tried to swim, or at least get into the water but... I couldn't stand the cold. No matter what we were both really happy at the end of the day. It was just awesome! Now I know that I must by a camera that we can take with us whenever we go somewhere (not a dslr... he's got too many of those D: but if that got lost it would be a really bad thing.. or if it got stolen. Because the lenses aren't cheap.. and the grip and extra batteries and so on. So a small digital camera will have to do. But.. hmm which one? I hope you had a lovely day too!
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