Geo Angel Green

Okay, here are some pictures of me wearing them... All were taken with flash... Because it's pretty dark by now.. First scary pic. Close up of the eyes: Trying to smile, but feeling tired xD Super tired, but so what :P It looks pretty okay, but still I get scared when I look into the mirror.. getting used to them.. P.S. They are really comfy, but somehow I see blurry now that it's evening.. o.O weird I saw clearly in the morning when I first tried them. Oh well, I'll see what happens tomorrow.


  1. wow, really cool lenses! ^^

  2. Like Tamara's lenses.. you guys are doing the same experiment lol!! I have to try them out haha they look so cool!

  3. HI dear, It look really pretty on you.. I ever tried lens in baby blue but i look like an alien maybe i am an asian therefore doesn't suit me at all..hahaha..but at least i try,no regrets

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  5. they look really good on you!!

  6. looks perdy on you. luv your hair too!


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