EOTD: Purple night

I love the purple color! I absolutely adore it! Sometimes it's even before pink. But I don't own any purple eyeshadow.. Ah! I borrowed my sis's 88 CS palette, and I must say that I LOVE it! It's f* amazing! It has so many purples and pinks, that I could only dream about it! Plus it's perfect for fast make up! So that's what I did. I took a purple color, used it as a base, added some lighter color in the corners of my eyes, and added black and deep purple in the eye crease. It was fun, but I need to improve. But still.. now I know what's on my WL! I'm really sorry about the pictures, I always take them at night,... D:!! Be scared, be really scared.. (I can't get used to dark eyes, lol...)


  1. I love purple too. You did a good job!

  2. Wow nice ^^
    I've heard that purple eyes shadows look good with green eyes. I have also green eyes (although you have lenses, yes?), and I agree.
    Purple color totally becomes with green eyes :)

  3. Wow nice! I like how you used a few different colors..it makes it look so unique!

  4. very nice! i love purple too.

  5. awww what a gorgeous look! Purple is such a beautiful color on you babe!


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