New nail polishes!

Soo.. I went to check the latest Alessandro's LE Vampy and got me two nail polishes from that one.. and I also wanted to try out Miss Sporty's nail polishes and got me two too! I was about to get completely different nail polishes, but then there were testers and I made my sis to try most of them.. Some of them looked completely different on nails than what they looked in the bottle! Such a shame! Here's what I went out with.

  Close up of Miss Sporty:

  Close up of Alessandro: 

After that we went to Leonadro too, and got some stuff to play with! 

I got this kit for making hair stuff! xD For those who are interested of the swatch of the yellow color from Essie's neon collection 09, you can check Parisky's entry about it! It also shines in the dark.. okay a little!


  1. LOL I just bought the same nailpolish remover...I love the scent, but because it smells so good, I keep sniffing it and get all high and sick!*lol*
    I've seen the Alessandro nailpolishes, I wanted a nudy pink one, but they were quite expensive for a really small bottle? Like 6 euro or something?

  2. Aww.. when I first saw those there was the same price 6€! BUT it must be a mistake because they are 3,95€.


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