Anti--Mosquitoes bracelet!

It's neon, it smells like citrus, it helps to prevent mosquitoes bites! It's super cute! XD Here it is! ^^ I got one package (4,95€) in which TWO bracelets come, and one can last up to 100h of wearing! It's even waterproof! I got it for my bf, but since two were in the package I got one, yay! He gets tanned really quickly, I try to avoid sunburns. 

You can use it as an anklet too!

I love it since it smells good and it helps me with those annoying tiger mosquitoes. P.S. For me it worked really well, but not for my bf haha! Usually, mosquitoes don't bite him, but me instead and with this on it was the opposite!


  1. wow.. this is a very good product!
    thanks for posting this ms. tamara!

  2. oh woah, this is a cool product~! I want to go get myself one now :)

  3. Lahko bi se meni vzela 1 :P

  4. does it work?
    i was gonna get one here but i didnt bealive it works !

  5. For me it worked :)! I still have it, for tomorrow when I'll be walking around..

  6. Whoa, I need this! :D Where did you order it from?

  7. I got them off a local drug store - DM.


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