This is completely unrelated to beauty, but since they were SO cute I had to share these with you! The place where we take dance lesions has this huuuugeeeee balcony (or sth) where every single year a seagull makes her nest. This year there were three baby seagulls and well last week they were even cuter (puffier!), but we only managed to take photos yesterday. Ahahaha, they're so damn cute! Chunky body, tiny long legs. Adorable!
If not cute, aren't they at least funny?! Btw those pictures were taken from a distance of 15+ meters, that's why the floor isn't straight (perspective?!). Maybe later I'll post some cute looks because, well today I'm hell of bored! xoxo, Tamara


  1. wow those are cute!
    and what kind of dance lessons do you take

  2. they are cute! The 2nd picture looks like they're talking to each other lol

  3. Seagulls reminds me of middle school days. We lived out in CA and during lunch time, the seagulls will come and poop on us! Hahaha... Cute though! :)

  4. I take classic dance lessions.. Like cha cha cha, tango, waltz, salsa, foxtroat (how the hell u write that?), jive, discofox, etc..

  5. They are cute, they remind me of the baby ducks & geese I took pictures of earlier this year.


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