FAIL! Ahhh the paaain! A couple of minutes ago I was around the town in search of a damn bubble wrap! But nooo they don't sell it separately (they sell only the bubble wrapped envelopes). Ahhh! And then we went to check Muller (oh I knew I shouldn't the moment I saw the news). And I saw a full Secret Agent from Essence show off case (or whatever it is), filled up with new things! There was even this wanna be Konad like stamper + stamps ring + scraper + white or black polish. And since I knew that my sis wanted it... I picked one for her and then the black AND white for me. The price said 1,75€ so if I cheated I wanted to cheat cheaply. I cheated for this one + the black one.. ahr! But look at this, isn't it like a cute copy of the Konad set? But nooooo... when I had to pay the lady said they cost 3,57€ each. Okay that's not much but honestly I didn't want to spend so much since I am BROKE. I told her that in this case I'll take just one of them (for my sis), but she took too long, so my boyfriend decided to pay for me (thanks huuuuun!!). Now, I have two of them for myself and one for my sister. And I'm feeling so guilty, because I am supposed to be on a project 20 pan. Ahhhhhh the pain! Now I'll try to stick to the no make up/cosmetics buying untill I finish the project. Oh yes!
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