Review: Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam

A while ago (maybe six months, maybe more) I bought this baby. Then I still believed that expensive is better and vice versa. At that time I also dreamed about high-end brands like Shiseido. Well, I still like those brands but from them I would only get foundations and maybe, I say maybe some eye shadows. But honestly, there exist good quality items that are wallet-friendly too.
It was quite pricey, well very pricey for a cleansing foam. It was 30€. But at the beginning it seemed worth all the money, I mean this is clinique!

What to say, the smell is quite artificial and smells like alcohol too. Not a nice gentle smell at all! With one pump you get lots of foam, and it's recommended to use two pumps for the whole face.

I really like the design, it's really practic except for the cap. I don't even know why am I keeping the cap! It gets all wet every single day, and that is probably not the best thing either. I will tell you about my experience with it. My first couple of uses and so on. I use Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation that is known to be long lasting and hard to take off completely. At the beginning, I cleaned my face in a record time, so it didn't clean well at all, plus I got that drying effect on my skin, one reason why I got blemishes instead of getting rid of them! But now I realized that I have to clean my face with this product for at least one minute in circle motions to take it all off. Everything gets off, but I still get the drying skin effect and I have combination skin! Imagine the people with super dry skin.


Now to the review. 
+It actually cleans off my Revlon Color Stay foundation! 
+ and it cleans my skin otherwise 
+I love foams, and this one is ooooh cute! 
+One bottle goes a loooooong way, so long that I am actually thinking about getting rid of it ;) 
-It dries out my skin really badly 
-The smell
-It doesn't do anything for my blemishes (okay it dries them out a bit) 
-The price!
-The cap, ahh so annoying! 

Rating: 2/5  

I tried to love this product, I really did but as long as it works for most people, for me, it does almost nothing. Okay, it cleans the super resistant foundation, but that is pretty much it. It makes me sad because it is very pricey and I could get better products for much less money. Girls! I need one tip. How can I make my reviews more interesting? I think they are plain boring?!
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