Outfit Of The Day: #1 casual dress

I'm sorry girls, I've been a bad bad blogger! I didn't post for, well a while! I was working, relaxing and well.. sleeping! The last two days I spent with my boyfriends, going around, checking some events and so on. I even started wearing dresses again! Even if well I don't look good in them, and even if I feel ugly lol. But I'm trying to develop some fashion sense, but I think it's hard to be fashionable when you're not size 0. But anyway here's the outfit of that day (I think it was Thursday?). Don't mind the big grin + glasses, because I honestly try not to smile with those mosquito glasses. But I'm in love with those, lool.. The high heels are super comfy, and well they seem almost like flats, which is funny because they're one of the highest heels I own (except ballet boots, ahemmm). Anyway my boyfriend insisted that I should post this picture, because he thinks it is cool. But I think he just wants to show off his new toy. Ha!
Driving around without the roof in the cabrio car, got me sunburned! Hell I forgot how annoying this s*** is! Last year and the year before happened the same! I insist in driving with the roof, since I'm a kind of a shy person, lol.. but nooo! We end up going around all the time without the roof. Grr, it makes me angry, since I'm trying to avoid the sun,... :P Anyway, I'm trying to lose weight. Hard! It's even harder when they I do promotions for sweet things. Geez. Tomorrow I'll show you some recent accessories + dress haul! I have to renew my wardrobe, since well.. nothing fits me well :P. xoxo Tamara
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