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Today I wanted to post something interesting, but not now. Well maybe I will, but now I am at work waiting for customers to come. I wanted to say that 3 weeks ago I got the 2nd place in Roxy's giveaway but I still haven't recieved it :(. Our post takes too damn long! And today I got the 2nd place too in Kessa Thea book giveaway. YAY! I still need the addresses to ship out the items from my giveaway, but I know I will ship them ASAP. And when I will do that, I'll note the girls. Like a nice company, haha! Anyway, I'm tired. And I didn't do a sh... I've been here for 7 hours and need to stay for 3 more.. Bah, hopefully I'll manage to do my nails today. Have a nice day, everyone! XOXO.

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  1. congrats! i hope you get your new goodies soon! i know the waiting can be quite annoying.


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