Cerritastic giveaway Winners!

Alright ladies, we have two winners! But before telling the names, I'd like to show you how I picked up the winner. I wrote the names on a blocknote. I used up five sheets! (my desk is overabused, I know) I cut each name out... Bent each of them... Throw them all toghether in a hat! Then I went out of my room for a couple of minutes, and when I got back I mixed, mixed miiiixed and picked out the first name! And miiixed, miiixed and mixed and picked out the second name! So the first pack goes to Kessa Thea! The sencond pack goes to InnovativeEssence! Congratulations! Please send me an email with your address in three days. If you won't then I'll have to pick another winner.


  1. Congrats to the winners! Wow, that's a cute way of selecting the winners, but considering how many entrants you had, it probably took a while to write down all the names and cut into thin strips. A lot of ppl use a random number generator, such as Random.org, I think ^^

  2. yay!! can i get yure email so I can email you???

  3. Yayyyy, Congrats to the winner!

  4. Yay, I won, I won! I can scratch one item from my bucket list: to win one raffle. Hehehe! This is such good news on my birthday too. Can I have your email address please?

  5. Congrats, Ladies!

  6. For some reason I couldnt email you so if you can just email me.

    [email protected]



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