Essence mini haul

Hello! Today I wanted to share with you all my yesterday's Essence haul (well mostly), but my bfs internet is so damn slow I can't even upload a picture on photobucket! Oh so it DID work on blogger! I guess it's clickable too, YAY! No more photobucket <3! So from left to right:
  • *Manhattan LE 302 nail polish (I've got pictures of it on my nails too, need to send them anyway) -2,99€
  • *Essence highlighter in gold (the little 'stick', it got a new home when I realized I don't need it) -2,09€
  • *Essence Feet and Leg Shimmer Lotion (it's really really sparkly, and it has mint in it, so it gives a nice cooling feeling) -2,99€
  • *Essence Foot Protection Stick (I'm not sure about it, it makes an oily film on the skin, and it looks like glue, I have to test it out today) -2,99€
  • *Essence Heel Protection Pads (some shoes are giving me headaches) -2,99€
  • *Essence Soft Matt Eyeshadow (I'm really not a fan of their eyeshadows, but when I heard they've got some in matte.. I had to have at least one of them! There were this green color, beige, dark brown and the last one was a kind of white, I think) -1,99€
For now that's pretty much it, because I'm going to swim (hopefully) and hide in the shadow and later I really really have to study. Cya!


  1. YIKES!

    My comment was deleted. I have to restart =/

    Anyways! Thanks for sharing - I never tried essence yet. Maybe I should, I have some shoes that kill me too. lol

  2. It was deleted? Awwwww....!

    YA, but it's really hard to get the stickers in the right position. I've tried with some high heels, and after it sticked, it was allright.


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