Essence mini haul

Hello! Today I wanted to share with you all my yesterday's Essence haul (well mostly), but my bfs internet is so damn slow I can't even upload a picture on photobucket! Oh so it DID work on blogger! I guess it's clickable too, YAY! No more photobucket <3! So from left to right:
  • *Manhattan LE 302 nail polish (I've got pictures of it on my nails too, need to send them anyway) -2,99€
  • *Essence highlighter in gold (the little 'stick', it got a new home when I realized I don't need it) -2,09€
  • *Essence Feet and Leg Shimmer Lotion (it's really really sparkly, and it has mint in it, so it gives a nice cooling feeling) -2,99€
  • *Essence Foot Protection Stick (I'm not sure about it, it makes an oily film on the skin, and it looks like glue, I have to test it out today) -2,99€
  • *Essence Heel Protection Pads (some shoes are giving me headaches) -2,99€
  • *Essence Soft Matt Eyeshadow (I'm really not a fan of their eyeshadows, but when I heard they've got some in matte.. I had to have at least one of them! There were this green color, beige, dark brown and the last one was a kind of white, I think) -1,99€
For now that's pretty much it, because I'm going to swim (hopefully) and hide in the shadow and later I really really have to study. Cya!
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