Small make up case

Six months ago, or even less I got the big make up case. I never tough I'd ever fill it up. But that happened a month ago. Hmm.. I'm sure that I could still save some space, but nvm I wanted a new one. So today I went shopping, okay not really I went to the drugstore to get some cream and similar stuff. But when I was this tiny case and realize that there was make up packed inside already, then I wanted to have it! It wasn't a deal it was a steal! So this case cost me 16€. I forgot about everything else, grabbed it and paid for it. Damn I'd be nuts if I didn't buy it. Even the case alone costs much more than just 16€! So yeah! But hmmm there's so much make up inside that I have no idea what to do with it. So it's true.. I'll have to do make up for my bf's models.. <.<> THE case: Photobucket It comes with 4 nail polishes, 24 eye shadows, 4 blushers (those are my fav part!), 4 lipsticks, 2 lip liners, 2 kajal eyeliners, blusher brush, eyebrows brush, 4 little sponge applicators, small mirror and a little case for the eye shadows. Pretty neat, huh? The make up has no name on it (no brand?!), but I don't worry about it. The stuff is quite pigmented, so it's okay. This is the part you can take out (the part where is the make up comes out too): Photobucket The little eyeshadow case (empty): Photobucket The eyeshadow case (filled): Photobucket The eyeshadows: Photobucket I really like the blue palette. The light blue and green are very pigmented and shimmery! I wanted to buy such an shadow today, but then I changed my mind and now I'm damn happy that I changed my mind. The containers look funny. They got the cover thing that looks exactly the same as on the eyeshadow testers (in the drugstore). But you can take that off, so I guess it's okay. The blushers: Photobucket My fav part. I always dreamed about a peachy blusher. I tried the darkest one and it suits me well! None of these things has a name :(. This makes me sad.. I don't want to call them 'the dark peachy one',.. wait it sounds pretty cool! Photobucket Sorry for the terrible swatches, I got too exited about them... They're quite pigmented. Something like middle + pigmented. But you can build up the application, so no problem with that. Nail polishes: Photobucket Those are huge. One holds 12ml of product. The first one is in light purple color with looots of golden glitter, looks really classy. The second one seems red with glitter, but it's not. It's more like dark pink with big silver glitter. The third one is actually just a pink/blue reflection on the nails. Really cool if you don't feel like wearing an obvious nail polish! And the last one is gentle pink with tiny violet glitter. Not the best of the colors, but they're usable. The lipsticks: Photobucket Those are interesting. Two are in the frost color, kind of icy and the other two on the pinkish side. The lightest one doesn't suit me. It's like frosted purple and it makes me look weird. Just because my teeth isn't completely white, boohoo! The second lightest is a plum color with some frost in it. I don't like it, honestly I feel like I'm dead with this color! The third color is quite similar to my lips color, but a bit warmer. It's ok.. And the last one is a killer! Dark pink/purple with some blue in it. The lipsticks do not moisturize your lips and are more on the dry side. I don't know about resistance, because I won't wear them. I have no idea what to do with them. Photobucket What do you think about this set? Edit: A couple of minutes ago I went again to the drugstore because I told my bf that this would be a perfect gift for his mom on the Mother's day! But hell they were ALL GONE! Can you immagine? I mean sure, no one does read my blog but still... They were there for so many time but when I blogged about it they were gone. Hahaah, okay maybe that's not how it went but it surely was a shock. Oh well.
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