EOTD: Green Experiment

Lol yah... like if I'd go around with such make up,... Nope, but maybe in the evening yes. It really pisses me off that in RL it looks so much DAMN better! Geez... I really need a cam :(. It's so hard to take pictures with a cell phone.. *cries* Even the colors look nothing like real life. Ehhh... I guess for the first try taking pictures with a cell phone is ok. Damn I want some pro pictures now! DAMNIT! :P Anyhow it's pretty simple... plus my eyes are really weird, and the eyebrow that wants to go the other way... I'm a freak! Okay, not really. So here's the drunk look... I know, I look drunk, can't help it.. I was trying to make the make up show off and at the same time look normal with half open eyes. Didn't work. Photobucket The first reason I made this look is because.. well I got bored. Plus I wanted to try the Nivea cream foundation and some of the new eye shadows. Well the new eye shadows worked well, but then I deiced to add some Lime Crime stuff on. And the Lime Crime eye shadows were so pigmented that the first one weren't as noticeable.. Open eye: Photobucket Semi open eye: Photobucket Closed eye: Photobucket I didn't want to blend the shadows, but now I think that I shoud've. I used:
  • * Nivea cream gold eyeshadow as a foundation
  • * no name green eyeshadow under eyebrow + full eyelid
  • * Lime Crime lime criminal in the inner corner of the eyes and the middle part
  • * Lime Crime Elf in the lower part of the middle part of the eyelid (doesn't make sense), and some on the lower part of the eye
  • * Lime Crime Princes Caraboo in the outer corner and in the eye wrinkle (???), some on the lower part of the eye
  • * MaxFactor False Lashes Effect Waterproof Mascara (I LOVE THIS!)
That's pretty much it. I shall improve.
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