Review: MaxFactor False Lash Effect (waterproof)

I wanted to add my own pictures, buy my phone is acting weird and it doesn't want to send them! Grrr makes me angry! So I had to postpone it for today. My phone actually didn't want to send ANYTHING, not just pictures, blah! Here we go, I'll be reviewing this:


I really love the brush. It's so thick and gummy! I love plastic brushes, they make the apply so much easier. It's color is purple, but with all the mascara on, you can't really tell. 
I have it in the waterproof version, because I tough it would be perfect for summer - I'll be swimming/surfing most of the time, and probably melting the other part of the day. I hate when it gets too hot! The packaging is really bold and huge, but I love it because I can maneuver it so much easier. And there's no way the wand would slip off my fingers. The before and after pictures (sorry for the terrible eye, I had no make up at all..)


Can you see the difference? I surly can, and I love it. Especially because this is just ONE layer of mascara. It doesn't smudge, it doesn't clump and plus it's so easy to apply. At least for me. So far it's one of my fav mascaras. I've tried so many and I stick with the first gummy wand mascara that I've ever tried. The Maybelline something. :) But now that I've got this beauty, all the others are forgotten. I got this in a pack of two mascaras (one was the 2000 Calories) for the price of one, I think. It was 14€ for both. The other one I gave to my bf's mom. I can't really tell how much I love this mascara! The pros:
  • + it's waterproof
  • + doesn't smudge after wearing it for the whole day
  • + doesn't clump
  • + it's just so damn pretty!
  • + I like the way my lashes look after this, maybe with more layers, they would really look like falshies!
The cons:
  • - the price, I'm used to cheaper mascaras, but for this price it's great!
  • - the removal. It's so damn hard to remove it even with the 'strongest' oil cleanser. Hell, you have to be gentle too, because you don't want to stay without any lashes.
Rating: 5/5 - An HG! 
Overall: I like it, and I like it a lot. I would recommend it to someone who had tried a couple of plastic wanded mascaras, and liked it, but couldn't get the desired effect from them. It makes my lashes longer, gives a bit of volume (I am not looking for that into a mascara) and is resistant. Finally, I can cry my heart out, and the mascara will be still there ;).
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