Mail For Me: Skin Food

YAY! I finally got it! This was super fast shipping, yuppie! 
I had to take a picture when I got my mail, right away! The picture is so small because my hands were shaking (overexcited!). I tore it open: 

Photobucket Photobucket 

The seller included a free sample of the Raspberry cream, it will be perfect for my mom! I already opened both of them (they were wrapped in some kind of plastic, they were BRAND NEW!) and tried the Mushroom Cream. OMG this smells so good. So fresh! Like lemon grass.. Damn this will be perfect for summer, it's really lightweight and it leaves this nice smooth feeling. Plus my skin color evened out... I'm already in love with this product! It gave me this healthy glow, plus it matched my skin really well! I got the #1 color and I'm really fair toned. I smelled and tried on my hand the Ginko Leaf cream too and it smells nice too! Can't say what the smell is like, but this one is fresh too! Both of them are not so easy to blend, but if you put a little more of the cream (still just a dab or two) it will work perfectly. I'll write a review after I'll be using them for some time. But I already love them both! *excited*
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