Review: Kamill Soft & Dry hand cream

As some of you may know, I have this thing for hand creams. I can't live without a hand cream, and when I go to sleep, I make sure that there's one just next to my bed! I currently have five hand creams (opened) but I use only three of them. I almost used up the Neutrogena one and the Essence hand cream. But this time, it's time to review my latest addition to my little collection of hand creams. 

Kamill Soft and Dry hand cream - 75ml. I bought it in a supermarket - Mercator for 2,75€. I was choosing between a Dove hand cream or this one. But this one won, for some reason. That was a bit less than two weeks ago. And I've already used so much of it, but the thing is that even if there's a tiny hole, the cream is quite liquid and so a lot of it gets out! 



It's a nice cream that really moisturizes my hands, even a little better than Essence hand cream does! But after two weeks, it doesn't have the same effect as before. Oh well!


  • *Hygienic packaging
  • *Gentle scent
  • *Moisturizes my hands nicely
  • *You can take it anywhere
  • *Should last you a month at the price of 2,75€ of everyday usage
  • *It's too liquid, but that isn't a big minus
  • *With one squeeze of the tube, too much cream goes out!
  • *After apply there's a watery feeling on the hands
Rating: 4/5  

I can't say it's the best of the creams I've tried so far, but it's better than the Essence 12h repair cream. But still, I'm not sure if I would buy it again because it gets used up too fast. Plus the scent is gentle but a little bit artificial. I really wish it could work perfectly for me, but it does not. But it's a nice product for those who have dry hands, it helps for a couple of.. minutes. Sorry if this review isn't really detailed, but I'm dying over here. I need to sleep, but again if I would go to sleep, I would feel that my day was wasted. Plus it's raining and I want to go out (hahaha how weird is that, when there was the sun I was hiding inside like a worm!). Oh well, #_#.


  1. Thanks for the review. I'm a lover of hand creams as well, I have dry skin everywhere! I'm on the search of an awesome handcream, Fuz rec the La Mer one, but I'm not ready to splurge yet haha Anyway, the packaging of this is cute, too bad it only helps for a couple of minutes. I like to go walking when it's raining and cool :)

  2. Wow, five opened hand creams? Heehee.:) I've finished up two of the Neutrogena, but now I just use my regular lotion and put a little extra on my hands before going to sleep. I love moisturizing my hands as well.^_^


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