NOTD: Essence Obsession

Today my nail broke at the end, so I had to shorten it a bit, but I couldn't find my glass pile?! So I used a random one I found in the house.. It broke because my nails were bare naked (I took off the nail polish after it got off like a sticker on my thumb!) and my ring finger nail started breaking in layers *cry*. I wanted to try this nail polish so hard! But honestly it's really pretty but I got tiny air bubbles, which I don't like. But I didn't use any base coat, because I hate it when I can take off nail polish like a sticker, so ew! And I think that's a reaction I have because of the base polish. We'll see. This color is a pretty light purple with a mixture of pink, it also has a frost finish! So true, it's a little obsession. Outside light: Inside light: Do you girls hate it too, when air bubbles create on the nail polish? What do you do to fix it?


  1. wow love the pretty colors you choose. I hate it too those air bubbles.. I usually just remove the nail polish and start again.

  2. What I have found that works to prevent air bubble from forming is to go from left to right on the nail instead of top to bottom of the nail. Plus a good top coat is great.

  3. favorite colour!:)

  4. oh i hate when that happen! sometimes i get really stresful and i just remove and start again haha... unfortunatly i dont know how to prevent it.

  5. This is such a pretty color

    & I'm sorry about your nail! I hate it when that happens and it happens all the time to me so I always have to keep them painted.

    I just found a new great product though. Sally's "hard as nails" polish. Works miracles.

  6. pretty colors! love the purple on! =]

  7. oh really? so you must go to Venice :) its very beautiful, and since you live quite close, you can go there just for the weekend :) i only stayed a weekend too and it was enough to see everything. Actually i didn't notice, you live in Slovenia, maybe i will stop there this summer hehe :D


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