Project 10 Pan - expanded to 20 DONE!

I wanted to do this one for a while now. But now that I have to pay off some massive.. well thing, I think it's the best time ever!

What does this mean? It means that I am not able to purchase any cosmetics until I have used up/hit pan on at least 20 items in my current collection.
(except the neon colors from Essie, I want them since they came out!)

I will include in this even my lip balsams, face creams, hand creams, nail products, parfumes because I love buying them so much! I can't say no to ANYTHING in a drug store. So yeah.

Here I will write the items I've already used up (from the start of this project).

Project 20 Pan:

  1. *Balm Balm Lipbalm
  2. *Home made lipbalm
  3. *Essence 12h hand protection balm
  4. *Ebelin nagellackentferner (nail polish remover)
  5. *Herbal Essences Rose Shampoo
  6. *Clinique anti-blemish solitions body spray
  7. *Kamill Soft&Dry Hand Cream
  8. *Neutrogena Unscented Hand Cream (concentrated)
  9. *Bvlgari omnia amethyste (medium one) - parfumes count too, no? God I loved this scent! Luckily I have another big one too!
  10. *Essence clear lipgloss (clear chick?)
  11. *Clinique Anti-blemish solutions face cleansing foam
  12. *Essence Nail Care nail polish corrector pencil
  13. *Essence Express Dry Spray
  14. *Essence Nail Care nail polish corrector pencil
  15. *Afrodita Aroma oil nail polish cleanser
  16. *Garnier Essentials Refreshing Toner
  17. *Essence 2 in 1 hand & nail balm - Care
  18. *Essence 50's Fever Blusher
  19. *Alessandro white nail polish
  20. *Isadora Velvet Touch finishing compressed powder

Who is with me, and who is already doing this project?


  1. 20 pans are pretty hard O: i can't even do a no buy for a week! hehehe. good luck though!

  2. wow that sounds sooo hard! Good luck though!! :D

  3. this is not gonna be easy...

  4. Hell I know... I can hardly go out from a store not buying anything... :(

  5. God, that's a loooot! Omg...20 pan. :( I'm trying 10 pan.

  6. Good luck on project 20! Start listing some items :)

  7. Wow!! 20... I like this blog. This is good, I think I'll do 'Project 10' I love it!!


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